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This course will be fun for you and a good opportunity to get stronger.

The course will be instructed by me, Dominik Bővíz (KGS name: Bovdom). It is named by my favourite joseki, the Tsukegiri Joseki.

Course lessons take place on KGS, in pre-arranged time with the participants. Private lessons are one time a week for everyone individually. Depending on your choose it can be a game with me and a commentary after (45 minutes), or a review of your game (20-25 minutes). You can mix the lessons. Group lessons are take 2-3 hours, and one time a week. The course is already available for non hungarian participarts. Because of this one non hungarian participant of the group lesson will switch the lesson language to english. Light english knowledge is enough. On the group lessons:

  • Lesson Championship, Fuseki, or Life and Death.
  • Simultan.
  • Analyze for the students of the simultan games.
  • Analyze for the students of the Serious Student Tournament games (SST).
  • Student Championship. 10 min, and 5×30 on 19×19. Full handicap. 3 rounds.


The course has favorable rates:

  • Trial (2 weeks): 7 EURO (2 private lessons (selectable 4 review of your games or 2 game+commentary) and 2 group lessons, moreover participation in TsuGoTaB, and other programs)
  • 4 weeks: 22 EURO (8 private lessons (selectable 16 review of your games or 8 game+commentary) and 4 group lessons, moreover participation in TsuGoTaB, and other programs)
  • 8 weeks: 39 EURO (16 private lessons (selectable 32 review of your games or 16 game+commentary) and 8 group lessons, moreover participation in TsuGoTaB, and other programs)
  • 16 weeks: 76 EURO (32 private lessons (selectable 64 review of your games or 32 game+commentary) and 16 group lessons, moreover participation in TsuGoTaB, and other programs)

Extra Lessons[szerkesztés]

You can buy extra lessons for very low price here: http://dominik.boviz.hu/eng/


Payment via PayPal (charging a credit card or PayPal account) on course payment page. Plese note your KGS name in the message to make it identifiable for me. Payment has to be before the start of participation.

Student Tournament[szerkesztés]

Because the time zone differences, the games are not at the same day. One tournament will take place many days, maybe weeks. I will send everyone his/her details of own games.

Once a month. Very serious games, 60 minute, and 5×30 byo-yomi. 3 rounds. Minus komi handicap.

0 difference: 7 points komi
1 difference: 0 points komi
2 difference: -7 points komi
3: -14
4: -21
5: -28
6: -35
7: -42
8: -49
9: -56
10: -63
  • Prices
1. place: I analyze his/her all games of the tournament.
2. place: 20 points in the TsuGoTaB
3. place: 10 points in the TsuGoTaB

Serious Student Tournament 2014 Január - Round 1 Board Black - White Result Handicap

  1	bol (4k)	-	kelemenz (2k)	 0-1 		-7  komi
  2	run0 (6k)	-	MrDinde (4k)	 0-1 		-7  komi
  3	darkrabbit (8k)	-	matt383 (4k)	  -  		-21 komi


Important: Participation approved 3D-30K If you like to participate, please send me a KGS message about it (my KGS name is TeachYou).

1. darkrabbit, 8k
2. kelemenz, 2k
3. run0, 6k
4. bol, 4k
5. matt383, 5k
6. MrDinde, 4k
7. Javierato, 11k

Next Group Lesson:

KGS Hungarian Room, Sunday 18:00 (GMT+1)


  • Simultan (Even games, minus komi, one difference, one minus komi. Who is the nearest to beat me, get a "buy a pack of lessons, and get one lesson for free" coupon.
  • I analyze one of the games of the simultan.
  • Student Championship on 19×19 board. 10 min, byo-yomi 5×30. (1. place: "buy a pack of lessons, and get one lesson for free" coupon.)

I ask every student to look this page every two days.

Tsukegiri Go Student Championship[szerkesztés]

(Hungarian acronym: TsuGoTaB)

All my students participate.

You can earn points on Group Lessons, or by playing a game with an other student anytime (on large board with handicap) if both of you make a "TsugoTaB" note when beginning the game. The winner takes 3 pints, the opponent 1 point. The winner has to write the result to me (Bovdom)

The prize for the winner of TsuGoTaB (Student Tournament) is an engraved cup, plus the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place get a medal. Non hungarian students can get their prize in hand on a competition in Hungary or another tournament where I am. (Sorry, but posting is too expensive)

And for the first three places: Buy 1 one and get 2 any of the paying choices.

Tournament end date: August 31. 2014

Points are tracked here:

  • run0: 29 points
  • darkrabbit: 27 points
  • bol: 74 points
  • kelemenz: 60 points
  • matt383: 8 points
  • MrDinde: 19 points